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Starring: Jewell Marceau, Paris Kennedy, Breastina Boobs, Tanya Danielle, & Brigette

Jewell Marceau seems to have countless run-ins with her very sexy and beautiful girlfriends which always escalate into a full-fledged brawl! Wrestling each other with all their might, these lovely ladies punch, pull hair, squeeze, maul, facesit, humiliate, choke, clench, kick, and practically demolish each other! With non-stop action these babes don't hold back for a second. Why can't they just see things eye to eye?

Featuring: Catfighting, exercise wear, lingerie, wrestling, large breasts, hairpulling, trash talk, knock outs, punching, choke holds, breast mauling, face sitting, pins, body scissors, head scissors, body slams, bear hugs, breast punching, spanking, chin holds, crotch mauling, and more!

66 minutes