JMR-112DL  TEN COUNT  Remastered

JMR-112DL TEN COUNT Remastered

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Battling beauties step into the boxing ring for a brutal, bare-breasted fight! CHRISTINE DUPREE and blonde DARLING are the bitter rivals who lust to beat each other to a pulp! AKIRA LANE is the lovely referee who must somehow enforce the ring rules!

Akira has her hands full trying to keep these two tough girls in line as they batter each other and knock each other to the canvas! Christine and Darling pound away until they are both bleeding, bruised and black-eyed, while Akira stands ready to give the final “Ten Count” over the loser!

33 minutes, 721 MB. The Christine vs. Darling boxing feature is presented in 640 x 480 WMV format.  Newly remastered.  

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