JMR-118DL  BRUTE FORCE  Remastered

JMR-118DL BRUTE FORCE Remastered

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Tough girls CHRISTINE DUPREE and DIA ZERVA are constantly seeking to best each other in fighting competition. Even after a tennis court tussle, the women still want to fight, so they go at it indoors in the nude! Intense naked struggling soon escalates into brutal fisticuffs, and Christine and Dia beat each other bloody until neither woman can stand up!

Not satisfied with the bruising they gave each other, the women meet a few days later (even before their faces have fully healed) to brawl once more in the nude! Christine's boxing training leads her to batter Dia with punishing fists, while Dia uses her wrestling strength to stay in close and wear down her foe with crushing bearhugs! The fight is extremely bloody and exhausting, but at last one strong girl stands victorious!

42 minutes, 938 MB. The Christine vs. Dia fight feature is presented in 640 x 480 format.  Newly remastered.  

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