JMR-119DL  POWER & PASSION  Remastered

JMR-119DL POWER & PASSION Remastered

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CHRISTINE DUPREE and DIA ZERVA are constantly seeking to best each other in fighting competition. With their naked bodies coated with oil, the women tangle in a series of private wrestling sessions, but the touch of each other's flesh in close contact brings out an underlying erotic attraction between the tough girls! Dia kisses Christine on the lips, and lures her into the bedroom where the women finally consummate their secret passion for each other!

Christine and Dia kiss, wrestle, fondle, stimulate and seduce each other, in the most daring and erotic performance Ms. Dupree has ever filmed! Breasts are licked and suckled, pussies are rubbed, and each woman facesits the other before the rugged beauties exchange oral favors! Their competitive natures lead the gals to a final, pussy-to-pussy grind! Dia guides Christine into the most surprising, incredibly hot on-camera encounter of her video career! DON'T MISS IT!

49 minutes, 972 MB. The Christine vs. Dia erotic feature is presented in 640 x 480 format.  Newly remastered.  

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