JMR-136DL  TRY AGAIN  Remastered

JMR-136DL TRY AGAIN Remastered

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GOLDIE BLAIR takes on TRIXIE STAR in topless slugging!
That determined little Latina Trixie Star is back in action
as she challenges buxom British bombshell Goldie Blair!
Goldie is not exactly a giant herself but she still towers over Trixie.
Goldie has her way with Trixie as she batters and knocks out the smaller girl.

But Trixie heals up and after a soothing nude massage
is ready to fight Goldie once more, a battle which will prove
to be a bloody and devastating test for both women!
Goldie pounds Trixie's face and body while Trixie
batters the buxom Brit with equal force, searching for
Goldie's weak spot!

Two exciting, bare-breasted fistfights to the knockout finish!

48 minutes, 945 MB. 640 x 480 WMV format.  Newly remastered.  

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