JMR-138DL  FIGHTING FIT II Akira vs. Goldie

JMR-138DL FIGHTING FIT II Akira vs. Goldie

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AKIRA LANE stars in an exciting followup to the original FIGHTING FIT (JMR-134), in which Akira went toe-to-toe with tall blonde RANDY MOORE for a brutal slugging match. Now it's time for Akira to take on another "gym bully" in her quest for justice: Buxom British babe GOLDIE BLAIR!
Goldie doesn't appreciate Akira beating up her friend Randy, and warns the Asian-American dynamo that she hits a lot harder than the blonde! True to her word, Goldie does a number on Akira with face and body punches, battering her to a bloody pulp and sending her down again and again! But Akira once again battles back, bruising Goldie's large, vulnerable breasts and then connecting to the Brit's face and belly! The fight takes a terrible, bloody toll on both beauties... Which one of these tough, determined ladies will be left standing at the end? Great fantasy fistfighting, originally shot as a custom video.

25 minutes, 329 MB.
The Akira vs. Goldie fight is presented in 854 x 480 WMV Format.  

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