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Legendary battling beauty VENUS DE LIGHT takes on fellow blonde (and longtime rival) VANNA LACE in "BLONDE ON BLONDE"! The two women agree to an erotic duel, "the way we were meant to fight"! Doffing their robes, Venus and Vanna face each other in the nude, ready to kiss, rub and grind, whatever it takes to wear each other down!

The beauties thrust tongues down each other's throats, entwine upon the bed, plunge their heads between each other's thighs for some oral assaults, and ultimately lock up "woman to woman" for a tribad duel! One blonde dominates her rival, and grinds her into submission!

In a second feature included on this release, Venus is back for more sexfight competition--- this time against TIRZZA THOMPSON. Venus and Tirzza have a great time destroying each other's lipstick with passionate French kisses, and they drive each other to orgasm as their crotches thrust together! This is a sex battle where everyone wins!

The DVD contains the feature, stills shows and previews, PLUS BONUS: Behind The Scenes footage from "Blonde On Blonde"!

45 minutes plus extra features.

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