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TORI SINCLAIR and FRANCESCA LE' once again take their woman-to-woman rivalry into bed in this uncensored sequel to THE CHEATER IS CHEATED (TS-1010).
In that feature, Tori and Francesca had a hot and XXX catfight and sex duel over a man, a merciless showdown which ended with Tori's utter defeat. But now, as Francesca enters the bedroom after cleaning up, she finds Tori waiting... And eager to go at it again! This time, however, Tori wants to compete sexually with Francesca not over the guy, but instead just between Francesca and herself, a private contest to decide who's the better woman!
Francesca relishes the opportunity to wrestle and grind with Tori, and the two naked rivals wrap up in each other's arms, kissing passionately, rolling over and over on the bed, entangling legs, rubbing at pussies, planting their bare asses on each other's faces and grinding away!
It is clear that the earlier battle left both Tori and Francesca turned on and discovering a latent sexual attraction for each other! Fingers plunge into each woman's vagina, and wet pussies meet again and again in hot tribad grinding! X-rated lesbian competition with two of the all-time greatest battling beauties!

More NO-LIMITS Tori vs. Francesca sexfight excitement, originally shot as a custom video in 2010 and offered to fans for the first time!

ALSO ON THE DVD: Tori in an XXX solo clip!

Strong sexual content, recommended for advanced collectors.

39 total minutes plus previews.

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