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A guy has given a key to his hunter’s lodge hideaway to his gal VENUS DE LIGHT... But as Venus soon discovers, SAVANNAH STORM has a key to the place as well! There definitely is a PROBLEM here, and these two beauties are determined to solve it!

Unlike their sporting competition in DOUBLE OR NOTHING (JMR-076), this Venus/Savannah fight is a no-quarter-given struggle to win the guy, and anything goes! Catfighting in the living room leads to passionate, uninhibited sexfighting in the bedroom! Kissing, rubbing, trib grinding... The winner of this may surprise you!

But wait, there’s another great erotic contest on this DVD! Two tall and sexy amazons lock up in bed for a nude sex duel as ANNA AVALON meets SHAYNE ROBERTS! The beauties kiss and grind to a turn-on finish!

The DVD contains the two features, stills shows and previews.

49 minutes plus extra features.

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