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TORI SINCLAIR vs. SOLEIL in a sexy, interracial wrestling catfight! Legendary battling beauty TORI SINCLAIR meets her match in ebony spitfire SOLEIL! The women waste no time in getting down to business, stripping nude from the waist down and struggling body-to-body on the balcony! They take their contest indoors...

... For a leggy tangle on the bed! Naked at last and turned on, Tori and Soleil have a brief kissing interlude, but soon their lust to fight takes over, and the catfight leads to a scissors challenge— As each woman puts the "squeeze" on her rival with a tight head scissors! It's a sexy test of endurance, climaxing with a simultaneous "SQUEEZE PLAY": Both beauties trapped between each other's thighs! Who gets squeezed out?

The DVD contains the two features, stills shows and previews.

39 minutes plus extra features.

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