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VENUS DE LIGHT vs. GOLDIE BLAIR... The matchup you've been asking for! RUWE stands for R U Woman Enough, and that's just what Goldie has been sent to Las Vegas to find out!

Proudstone Enterprises is ready to replace Venus as their Vegas head of operations and put in some "new blood", unless she can prove to Goldie that she's still woman enough to keep the job! Venus, of course, is always ready to stand and fight, so she and the busty British beauty strip nude and oil up for a slick, nipple-twisting, boob-mashing titfight!

The matter is still not settled, however, and Goldie goes to bed with Venus to find out how she fares in a test of sexual stamina! Hot kissing, turn-on facesitting, and intense tribad grinding! Will Venus prevail in this showdown?

The DVD contains the feature, stills shows and previews, plus BONUS FEATURETTE: An exclusive interview with Venus De Light! Visit with Venus at her Las Vegas ranch, as the legendary battling beauty discusses her exotic dancing career, her love of animals, and of course her videos... including footage from her JMR catfights!

40 minutes plus extra features.

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