JMR-2535DL  THE EVALUATION Venus vs. Goldie  Remastered

JMR-2535DL THE EVALUATION Venus vs. Goldie Remastered

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The Proudstones’ Las Vegas “Boss Lady” VENUS DE LIGHT must once again face a critical “hands-on” evaluation, conducted personally by their British representative, GOLDIE BLAIR! Venus’ job is on the line as she and Ms. Blair catfight and fistfight in blouses and skirts!

Goldie and Venus give each other a brutal, bloody beating both on their feet and on the bed! The big-breasted beauties end up nude and exhausted before this two-fisted test of fighting spirit ends with a decisive knockout!

26 minutes, 557 MB. The Venus vs. Goldie fight feature is presented in 640 x 480 WMV Format.  Newly remastered.  

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